Warehouse Management

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Warehouse management

Currently, we have established large area of warehouse in Fuzhou、 fuqing、 wuhan、 zhangzhou、 sanming、 beijing、 xiamen、 wuxi、 Hangzhou etc. The warehouse occupies 17,000 square meters. It has essential equipment. The certificates are also fully developed. Shenghui provides planning and designing supply chain management systems such as, managing stock level, geographic location, optimizing inventory and operations management.

Warehouse’s value

• Designing and optimizing inventory program in order to guarantee the service level and cost reduction
• Teach the method of stocking during the process
• Providing management system on accelerating stock information, reduction of inventory cost
• Operations management causes the increased efficiency of stock management

Warehouse service

• Public warehouse service is mainly focused on Small and Medium size enterprises (SMEs), we will use the integration management through managing multiple company’s goods at the same time. The price will be calculated daily and monthly.
• Contract warehouse service: mainly focuses on medium to large size enterprises or customers who have special requirements for its merchandizes. Warehouse service and delivery time will be included in the contract. The price will be charged through specific service and how long does it take
• Cargo handling service: distributes goods by its category and organizes the goods, loading and uploading your goods

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