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Whole car transportation
We will categorize your goods based on its features and tailor your delivery under safe, fast service and door-to-door delivery service within reasonable price. One of our managers will take care of your goods until it arrives safely.
For more information please contact: 0591 – 8365 7777 or contact us by our service point.

Monthly payment

1. We have many years experience on customer operations. We provide personalized delivery service. Each case will be supervised by one of our professional staff.
2. We have enormous information network which provides multiple information service.
3. Once you become our project customer(项目客户), you will enjoy our VIP service. Then you can directly login our website to track your cargo, check, electronic billing and special request etc.
4. Regarding the amount of deliveries you require, we might extent your length of payment period.
5. Once we start long-term cooperation, we will assign one of our staff from customer service, accounting and salesman, respectively. They will help you tosolve the problems that may occur in the delivery process.
6. Key performance indicators (KPIs) system will significantly help on every customer to
7. We hold a long-term contract with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fuyao glass, Admiral overseas corporation and Unilevel etc. We have high level of customer satisfaction.
For more information please contact: 0591 – 88050331/83671015 or contact us by our service point.

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