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Financial pledge delivery

Definition: Banks provide financing support to enterprises, enterprises with liquid assets pledged collateral, the liquidity of our company authorized by Banks to pledge to perform regulatory responsibilities, we will according to the scale of enterprises and authorized bank regulation, which requires the enterprise will be the pledge in a fixed venues, regulated by us.Tripartite cooperation relationship is as follows:






1.Regulation of inventory: the inventory match the bank's credit, under supervision, it is prohibit to outboundwithout bank’sunlock.

2.Inventory lines: line as agreed in the agreement of the pledger and 110% of the total amount of the value.When the regulated the pledged property line near the end of the storage and will promptly notify the pledgor ShengHui logistics replenishment, and advise the bank details, at the same time, regulators ShengHui logistics and inventory, immediately update inventory data in information system.

3.Free inventory: the current inventory is higher than the warning line, the pledgor was outside part delivery or exchange, without additional or supplementary margin, may apply for pick up the goods directly to the ShengHui logistics or a replacement.According to the requirement of the bank, bank, logistics enterprises, ShengHui tripartite cooperation, ShengHui logistics entrusted by the bank is responsible for the supervision, and in the process of supervision, give full play to its own ShengHui logistics warehousing expertise and experience, according to the bank's instruction in the corresponding operation, the three sides make joint efforts to work together to minimize risk will be.

Qualification: currently, we have obtained the Industrial Bank and China Merchants Bank’s financial regulatory approval.Since 2009, monitoring project of cooperation have taken are: Putian city Rongtai automobile service co., LTD., Fuzhou Fuwei food packaging machinery co., LTD., Putian city Jinyuanxing steel trade co., LTD., Putian Chibao steel trade co., LTD., Liuhe courtyard (Fujian) classical art furniture co., LTD., etc.

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