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Specification:1、 The price and the delivery time for reference only, ordinary users accurate quotation will be subject to the company telephone counseling, sign the bill the client signed the quotation of the agreement shall prevail.
2、 The total weight between 500 to 1000KG or the total volume of cargo between 1.5 to 3 cubic meters could get 10% discount.The total weight between 1000 to 3000KG or the total volume of cargo between 3 to 10 cubic meters could get 20% discount. The total weight over 3000KG or the total volume of cargo over 10 cubic meters could get 30% discount.
3、 The Weigh more than 300 kg of piece goods, or the length, width and height, either side size more than 2 meters, or unit volume more than 0.5 cubic meters are defined as bulk goods.These goods will be in the standard ocean freight, 1-1.5 times higher than nominal specific local outlets offer shall prevail.

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Our staff will re-weight when we receiving cargo and this valuation are for reference only.

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Specification:This price and timeliness for reference only. The price above do not include the fees of pick up service. Please refer the pick up service standards for details.Delivery charge standard

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