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Definition of light or heavy cargo.
We distinguish cargo by the ration of its volume and weight. The ration between light cargo(m3) and heavy cargo(T) is 3:1.
For example: If a ton of cargo more than 3 cube then it will be calculate as light cargo. If a ton of cargo less than 3 cube then it will be calculate as heavy cargo.

What do I need for make an order?
① Name of cargo
② Destination of cargo
③ Quantity, volume, weight of cargo
④ Full name and contact number of receiver and sender
⑤ Delivery address if need pick up and home delivery service.

How to query the cargo status?
You could search our website: and access the page of cargo tracking to check status or contact our customer services on 4008-222222 for more details.

How to change the order information?
If you want to change the order information, you should bring the receipt (red one) to the start service point for change on the period after system check and before cargo get collected. It will charge 5Chinese yuan for each order.


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