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Due to protect the safety of cargo, we are strictly forbidden to the carrier for the following items:
1.The embargo goods by Chinese government,  such as weapons and ammunition, simulation of guns, highly toxic drugs, historical relics, drugs, tobacco, detonator, currency, securities, gold, silver, etc.;
2.Endangering state security, social stability and obscene publications, advertising materials, cd-rom products;
3.Have obvious markers or caption goods, dangerous goods dangerous goods such as inflammable and explosive, corrosive, toxic, acid, alkaline and radioactive all kinds of dangerous goods, the packaging on a "torch, corrosion, trilobites, three times, bang" and other dangerous goods icon (such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, paint, resin, banana oil, mousse, hair gel, gunpowder, detonator, firecrackers, sulfuric acid, nitricacid, benzene, toluene, silicon, phosphorus, etc.)
4.All gas class goods (do not include: innocuous gas,such as oxygen. Or empty can)
5.Old batteries, battery;
6.Can not proof to the nature of the goods materials and refused to unpacking inspection of the goods
7.“Three no” chemical products (no product’s name, no manufacturer’s name , no factory address, no certification of fitness, un-know product )which can not proof to the nature of the goods materials and can not judge by common sense or experiences  锛汬ave the proof of the nature of the goods but with the unqualified package.(Such as easy to break, easy to leak, broken bottled liquid products)
8.Accident vehicle, new and used cars, head of car(driving room) , electric vehicles, motorcycles.
9.Frozen goods , fresh goods and other goods which is easy to leak.
10.Old machines, equipment and other machinery parts have oil or oil might be leaked.
11.Alcohol which has over 15% and send to Hainan and Dalian can not be delivery.

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