Insured cargo

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Definition: in order to reduce the risks of product damage during the shipment. Based on the value of the goods, we will roughly give a price that you may wish to pay. The compensation will be paid, if both consignor and carrier agreed its damage or lost.
Cost standards: 4% of consignment items would be the insurance fee. The insurance fee will be start from 5 yuan per item.
Note: please quote the value of the item faithfully and get the insurance according to its value, in order to secure your parcel.

Compensation principle
1. Insurance: if the items is completely damaged or lost, we will pay for your parcel as the value you have quoted; if part of the parcel is damaged or lost, we will pay for the lost or damaged item; if quoted value is higher than its actual value, you will get compensation according to its actual value.
2. No Insurance: parcel’s value is under 300 yuan, we will pay for its actual value; parcel’s value up to 300 yuan, we will pay for 300 on top. If the compensation is calculated by the method above, it might not always valid.

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